Slang Terms for Harmonica

There’s an amazing amount of nicknames and slang terms for the humble harmonica. I’ve compiled a list of some of the ones I’ve come across. Know any others? Let me know.

Mississippi Sax
Ol’ Lickin’ Stick
Misery Whistle
Tin Sandwich
French Harp
Moustache Trimmer/Trap
Pocket Piano
Gob Iron
Poor Man’s Saxophone
Fist Whistle
Soul Biscuit
Pocket Orchestra
Little Brass Band
Poor Man’s Fiddle
Blues Burger
Cookie Cutter
Lady Shaver
Starvation Stick
Ol’ in and out Box
Blues Buzzer
Ten Holer
Mississippi Spit Wagon
Band in the Hand
Moothie (Scottish)
Mouth Organ
Tone Bone
Spit Fiddle
Pocket Whistle
Bitch Whistle
Maniacs Dummy
Spit Box
Snort Organ
Toot Sweet