New Video Series and Patreon

Harmonica Miscellanea

I’ve started a new video series on YouTube to run alongside and compliment the Life, Love and Blues Harmonica Licks series. I’m calling it Harmonica Miscellanea and I’m envisioning it will be a variable-format quick dose of something harmonica related each week. New videos will post every Friday.

I’ve done an introductory video as well as the first episode proper. You can watch both below.

New videos will be added to the playlist each Friday. I hope you get some benefit from them. I’m always open to comments and suggestions.

Leeds Harmonica Patreon

Following a lot of thought (and not a little prodding from certain quarters) I’ve set up a Leeds Harmonica Patreon page. Patreon is a service which will enable me to provide exclusive content and other benefits for a small monthly subscription.

I’ve set the price at $7 (USD), which I’m hoping is reasonable enough. For the subscription you get:

  • Exclusive video content not available on the website or YouTube (To get a flavour, the first will be a short series of videos on improvising outside of the 12-bar blues form and the second will be a series of deep-dives into the work of Sonny Boy Williamson II).
  • I will also, from time to time, offer a more in-depth look at subjects covered in either of the two video series.
  • Ask me Anything (preferably harmonica related). Get a thoughtful and thorough response to anything you want to know about harmonica, playing, players, gear, recording… whatever. If there’s enough interest in this I’ll compile a monthly Q and A video for subscribers.
  • General updates and blog posts pointing to interesting harmonica stuff from elsewhere on the internet. Works-in-progress etc.
  • Early access to videos. I’ll upload them for subscribers as I make them, so you won’t have to wait for the Tuesday/Friday schedule.
  • Patreon shout out on videos (along with a link to your own website if you want).
  • I’ll love you forever (or until you cancel your subscription, whichever comes first).

If you’re interested in subscribing or finding out more, check out the Patreon page or get in touch. Cheers!