Swan Song

Around six or seven years ago, a singer and guitar player called Ben had a smart idea. Music is a powerful thing, he thinks. How much comfort could people facing end of life and their families get from writing and recording a song? A lot, he thinks. I should help people do that, he thinks.

Long story short, Ben is now running a charity called The Swan Song Project. He and a team of musician’s and songwriters work with people near the end of their lives and their families. Writing a song helps people crystallise and vocalise their thoughts, feeling, wishes, regrets and more.

Recording of the song leaves survivors a priceless reminder of their loved one.

Ben, founder and creative director of The Swan Song Project

It’s a simple idea, and a powerful one. Swan Song has grown swiftly, been featured in many media outlets (print, radio, tv) and taken large donations from high profile figures. To date Swan Song has helped around 130 people write and record their own song and touched many, many more in the process.

Ben is a superb human. I’m proud to call him a friend. If you know anyone who may benefit from Swan Song please get in touch with them to see how they can help you.