May 2023 Update

Hey Fever Blues

Phew. Innit a scorcher? Summer is definitely on the way. And with that, comes the inevitable onset of the harmonica player’s nemesis – hey fever. Every year it seems to be getting worse. Sure, it’s nice out and the sun is making everything look pretty (even the industrial monochrome of West Leeds) but playing harmonica when you’re having trouble even breathing is a drag.

I talk about this in a recent Live, Love and Blues Harmonica Licks video.

Speaking of which, the previously teased index which will be a navigation aid for all these videos is still in development. Finding a good, clear format has taken some time. Current thinking is simple PDF would be the best bet. That way you can just search for keywords of interest. Once I finalise a format I’ll make it public and update it as each video is released.

I’ve surprised myself by actually managing to get one of those videos out each week – and on time too. I’ve been getting some good feedback on the series so I’m intending to plough on. I don’t think I said it publicly but my goal is to keep this going for a calendar year. Once I’m there I may choose to continue, or move onto something else.

Begging Box

In other news, times are hard and my kid needs shoes! I’ve been slowly amassing quite a library of free harmonica instruction material online. Both on this website and the YouTube channel. I feel I’ve earned the right to ask for a little sumthin’ sumthin’ in return. I’m now accepting one-time or recurring donations via PayPal and, so don’t be shy!

Paypal double P logo. logo. Stylized coffee cup with a heart.

Fun With Friends

Okay, I’ve caved in, finally. Leeds Harmonica now has it’s own Facebook Page. Liking, following, sharing, waving it around and all the other social media stuff really helps. So grab yourself some easy karma and go nuts. I’m also on Twitter (@leedsharmonica).

Letting it Sink in Slowly

I’m still percolating my was through Little Walter’s Quarter to Twelve. I’m not rushing, and actually I’m not spending a huge amount of time on it. I’m always telling people that they are progressing faster than they think. I’m looking back on the first two chorus’ of this song and noticing I’m fairly confident with licks which used to baffle me. Onwards and upwards my friends!