April Update

Time for a general update.

As usual, I’d like to thank all you folk who are having sessions with me. I hope you are enjoying your learning. I’m open to any and all feedback so don’t be afraid to get in touch with questions, suggestions etc. If you’re shy you can do it anonymously on the contact page.

I’ve been churning out Life, Love and Blues Harmonica licks videos each Tuesday at noon. Seems to be going fairly well and I’ve had positive feedback. If you’ve not seen them have a look, you might find them helpful (start with the first one). It’s been a positive experience for me so far. I really enjoy the challenge of cold jamming to the licks, and it’s nice to have at least a few minutes fresh content every week. Each new video is added to a YouTube playlist to keep them gathered together.

At the moment it’s not very well organised. What if you wanted to find that one lick and you can’t remember the video number, for example. I’m in the process of creating an index which will be available to download and be updated each week with the new video. That will enable you to locate licks by position, key, groove etc.

I have openings available for Zoom sessions on Sundays (or other days by arrangement). Just drop me a line if you’re interested and we can chat. I can help you with pre and post war blues harmonica in almost any way you can imagine.

To end I’d like to stick this here. I’ve started trying to learn it properly and – as always – been humbled by the depth and complexity of Walters playing. It’s crazy, the closer you listen the more you reveal, it’s never ending. It’s not by accident this guy is so venerated.

Until next time, tara!