Life, Love and Blues Harmonica Licks

New year, new stuff. As I mentioned in the last post, I’m raring to go with more harmonica content this year.

The first fruit of this new push is a video series I’m calling Life, Love and Blues Harmonica Licks

The idea is that in each video I’ll present a lick that, for whatever reason, I think is interesting, important or otherwise worth sharing. I’ll play the lick, supply the tab and then improvise with it for a few choruses to demonstrate how it can be used in your own improvising.

There’s also a video blog element. Depending on what I have to say, this may be a small or large part of each video. I’ll use it as a platform to get whatever I need off my chest – as long as it’s connected somehow to harmonica playing, teaching or music in general.

I’m aiming to drop a new one each Tuesday at noon. But you know my relationship with deadlines. We barely ever see each other. In any case, there are three videos live as of yesterday. Below is the link to the Youtube Playlist. Please subscribe, press the bell button (paint your left knee green, pretend your name is Kieth) and do all the usual YouTube stuff.

Comments, suggestions, corrections, compliments and insults are always welcome.