Goodbye 2022… Roll on ’23!

Hey, look what snuck up on me. It’s nearly flippin’ Christmas again!

As is customary, I’d like to thank each and every one of you who have taken lessons, sent emails, asked questions, read the site or have just been merrily blowing and honking their way through the year. It feels to me like interest in harmonica music, and people wanting to learn to play is on the increase. Long may that continue.

Remember to be good ambassadors for our quirky little misery whistle. We’re on an uphill struggle most of the time to be taken seriously, but if you’ve tried to learn you’ll already know how deceptively and devilishly difficult it can be.

For those who have been following my personal life, you’ll know 2022 has been an absolute pig to me for various reasons. I’d like to thank everyone who’s patiently endured late cancellations, re-arrangements and general unreliability while I’ve been obliged to put life and family commitments first. You’ve all been super gracious and supportive. It’s very humbling. THANK YOU!

As ever, there’s a large and growing list of ideas for the site, for videos, for written learning materials and all sorts of stuff. I’m hoping that I can settle down to spend some serious time harmonica-ing in 2023.

I’ll leave you with this charming seasonal number from Willie “Big Eyes” Smith.

Happy new year everyone! See you on the other side.