I really do want to talk!

Lately, I’ve had a couple of (what look like genuine) enquiries about lessons but the person hasn’t entered their email address correctly so I’m unable to reply. It’s very frustrating. Not only for the person enquiring but for me too because I don’t want to get a reputation for ignoring emails!

If you have recently tried to contact me via the form on the website please email me directly at kevjbish@gmail.com . That way I’ll have the address you’re mailing from. You can also contact me on the phone number listed on the contact page, but if you want to do that please text first as I’m unlikely to pick up calls from unknown numbers.

I promise I’m not ignoring you, I love hearing from budding harmonica players!

(By the way, the pic for this post is a cartoon from The New Yorker and can be purchased as wall art from fineartamerica.com.)