Opening The Vaults

Been threatening to do this for a while. It’s time to expose myself!

The majority of teaching I do involves shepherding people through David Barrett’s material. I’m very confident doing this because I’ve done it all myself and I understand the pain and frustration it can cause. It’s devilishly clever a lot of his stuff. I can also help people avoid making the same mistakes I did, which again, saves a lot of time and frustration. I put myself through this masochistic torture so I could be sure I was confident in my own abilities and knowledge before I started trying to teach.

In this post, I’m going to share the recordings I submitted to Barrett for appraisal while I was working through the material. All of these were given the green light to continue. He’s never rejected or “failed” anything I’ve submitted but has given a lot of good criticism and feedback. I’m very aware of this when I’m talking to students and offering them feedback too.

I’m hoping that posting these will be encouraging for some people. I feel your pain (as Jimmy Reed once sang) honest, I do. I think you can hear the progression, and that’s what I hear from you guys week on week. You can get there!

So, without further agadoo-do-do. Here are my study song submissions.

Walk With Me


Feelin’ for the Blues

Gary’s Blues

Take It Easy Now

My Blues

The Split

Half Steppin’

ABC Blues Blues (my original song)

The Tub

Rollin Rhumba (Version 2)

There’s more to work on of course, but I’ve been very lax in completing the program while I deal with you guys and real-life etc. I’ll get to it one day, and I’ll most probably share those with you too.