Treat Yourself To A Virtual SPAH

Like pretty much everything this year, plans for the annual Society for the Preservation and Advancement of the Harmonica (SPAH) conference were thrown into turmoil by Covid-19 (you may have heard of it).

What was bad news for the organisers is actually good news for the majority of us who were unable to attend anyway. There’s a four day program of workshops, seminars and performances live streaming on YouTube.

It kicks off today (Weds 12th August) at 1pm US Central time (which I think is 8pm in the UK) and runs till late on Saturday. You’d be completely daft not to stick your toe in at least.

For me, performances from Steve Guyger, Nic Clark & Kid Andersen, Rob Paparozzi and Aki Kumar are musts. Also seminars from Joe Filisko, Jason Ricci, Todd Parrot. These are the big names guys. This is a great opportunity.

It is streaming free but donations are appreciated.

Live streams will be on the SPAH YouTube page. Here’s an intro video.