The Joy of Leather

I’m extremely wary of doing endorsements, I’m not a salesman and nobody who knows me would ever ask me to be. However, I do believe in giving credit where it’s due. In this case, credit is definitely due.

Pinegrove Leather has made a name for themselves in both the harmonica and guitar community for their quality handmade leather pouches and straps. It’s a reputation well deserved. I’ve been using one of their guitar straps for a couple of years. It’s a gorgeous thing, it’s been in constant service and it keeps getting better all the time. I don’t anticipate ever needing another.

I’ve been after one of their harmonica pouches (I say pouch, it’s more like a kind of luxury executive folio) for years but I’ve never been able to justify the cost. I’m surprised, thankful and humbled then, that my wonderful and long-suffering wife just gifted me one out of the blue.

This thing has surpassed my expectations. It’s a functional work of art. The quality of the leather and craftsmanship is off the chart. I’m confident this thing will grow old with me. I’m looking forward to when I’ve lived with it for a few years and it’s moulded itself to my needs.

Also, the guys at Pinegrove are just a pleasure to deal with. Owner Rod Boyes is a straight-shooter who will stand behind his products and see you right (check out his swing/jive/rockabilly band The 309s).

I’m a complete nerd for cases, boxes, bags, tins and so on anyway. I realise that’s a little weird, but damn, this thing just makes me happy!

A note about leather. I realise some folk will object to using leather for ethical reasons or just “Ew, dead cow skin!” That’s cool, I have a fair degree of sympathy for that point of view. I was vegetarian for nearly a decade and these days I eat meat only sparingly. Red meat even less. There just isn’t a synthetic material that comes close to the utility and durability of real quality leather. It’s problematic, I agree, but Pinegrove use leather from cows bred for beef, and we’re none of us perfect.