Harp Mic Primer

During the last few weeks I’ve put a huge amount of time into writing an “introduction” to harp mics.

As usually happens, something I think is going to be a short and simple job soon balloons like crazy and gets wildly out of control. I was really trying to keep it as short and snappy as possible. There’s just so much information.

Even just getting the images together was a bear. I reached out to James Waldron at simplemics.com who has kindly allowed me to use pictures of many of his excellent refurbished bullet mics. I’ve also photographed a lot of my own kit, and done some silly illustrations to boot.

There’s a lot of information here, (the pdf is 5000+ words and dozens of images over 37 pages) so I’d be surprised it doesn’t contain the odd inaccuracy. I’m more than happy to accept corrections. My contact details are here.

Right. I sincerely hope people find this useful. Here you go.

Harmonica Microphones – A Primer from leedsharmonica.uk.

Here’a a ropey sketch I did for the cover, based on a photograph of Big Walter Horton.