New Hohner Harp Mic Incoming

Just heard about this new harp mic from Hohner, available soon.

It’s been developed in collaboration with “a select group of professional players” (including Steve Baker) and “modeled after the sound of legendary vintage harp microphones”. Apparently.

Personally, I’m maintaining some healthy skepticism. Hohner have a poor track record of making mics and amps (ever seen anyone using the Hoodo Box, or even saying anything positive about it? No, me neither).

The sound in the video below doesn’t do much for me. I’m also a bit confused about why they’ve gone for an XLR connector on what they are claiming in a high impedance mic, doesn’t seem like the most convenient option.

For my taste it also looks a bit small. I find the (very popular and very good) Bulletini to be a little small too, even though I by no means have large hands. Also, calling a mic a “Harp Blaster” is just dumb. I cringe saying it.

I might be completely wrong, and hopefully I will be. We’ll know more once more people get their hands on one and start doing demos/reviews.

If you’re interested there’s a load more info (and marketing hyperbole) on the sE Electronics Harp Blaster product page.