Wot, no Harping?

Felt the need to quickly put something up here. Leeds Harmonica is still going strong, I’ve just been lax in posting on the website. I like to post something at least once a week if I can but it’s been almost a month.

So what’s going on? Well, I originally delayed because I was working on a small project I was hoping to release at the start of December but I’m shelving it temporarily. It’ll surface at some point, but I’ve had another idea off the back of that one which will see the light of day first.

I’ve also played a few gigs, both solo and with the High Hollers, made a drunken fool of myself, and cooked a lot of really tasty spicy tomato and lentil soup.

The day-job has been consuming more of my time than I’d prefer, as well as various domestic issues (broken boiler in December, yay!). I’ve had to focus my remaining time on in-person and Skype lessons which are still going ahead (get in touch if you’d like to know more about those).

Fear not. I’ve got an absolute stack of ideas for posts, videos, new instructional material and so-on. The Music Theory For Harmonica Players series is not forgotten either. So, plenty on the boil.

Apropos of nothing, I’ll leave you for now with Noah Lewis and the Chickasaw Special.