Note, Key and Position Finder –

This is another resource for players who already have a bit of knowledge and experience under their belts (I will do some beginner stuff soon I promise). is a very smart little webpage that will very quickly provide you with a ton of useful information.

The first section is simple enough. It displays the notes any key of harmonica, including bends. Just select the one you want from the drop-down menu at the top.

The next section will give you the position for any particular key of song and harmonica.

The next section finds the key of harmonica you need if you want to play a specific tune in a particular position.

And lastly you can determine what key a song is in if you already have a harp and position that seems to be working for it.

There’s a lot of flexibility there, but it might take a while to get your head round if you’re not used to thinking about this stuff (I am used to thinking about this stuff and I still had to scratch my head a couple of times just writing this so don’t worry).

In any case it’s another very useful tool to stick in the toolbox. That link again: