The High Hollers at Headingley Heart

Yeah, another gig announcement. But I just dropped two new posts in the Music Theory for Harmonica players series today (Playing the Changes – 3rds and 5ths, and Playing the Changes 7ths) so I feel I’m allowed.

The High Hollers, a blues, roots, country, rag, Americana duo of which I am half are playing at the very lovely Headingley Heart Assembly Bar and Kitchen this coming Tuesday, August 13th. We’re the only act on the bill and we’ll be playing two sets of toe-tapping tunes for your edification. There will, of course, be loads of harmonica.

Pay as you feel on the door. Booze, food, tunes. Bonza. If you’re very lucky I’ll do my Sonny Terry joke too. Not to be missed.

We rarely do feature shows like this these days so it would be great to see as many people there as possible (please be on your best behaviour though ‘cos my mum is coming). Ta!