Airplanes and Social Media

Things are going quiet again on the website for the next few weeks while my wife and I flounce off to San Francisco on our (very late) Honeymoon. Obviously, I’ll be unavailable for lessons too until we return. I’ll still be reading and replying to emails though, and will be fully back in action Monday, June 15th.

However, I’ve decided to have a go at social media in a bigger way. You may well see posts harmonica related posts appearing on one of these spanky-new social media accounts.

You can find leedsharmonica on Instagram, and on Twitter @leedharmonica.

There are links to those on the main menu too, along with a new option of having blog posts emailed to you automatically.

I’ve also created a private Facebook group, but that’s strictly for people who are taking lessons. If that’s you feel free to request to join and I’ll add you post haste. I’m hoping it will be a safe and respectful place where you can share your achievements and woes.

You should also find social media sharing links at the bottom of each blog post, so feel free to use them if that’s your kinda thing.

This is all experimental at the moment. If people are interested I’ll keep them going. If not they’ll die on the vine but I thought it was worth a go. While we’re away I’ll definitely be posting some harmonica and general music related stuff on Instagram – including my meeting and lesson with the man himself Mr David Barrett. That should be something pretty special.

Worth noting also, a friend and student of mine is jetting off to Chicago on his own blues pilgrimage. No doubt he’ll be posting a lot of cool stuff while there. You can follow him on on Instagram and Twitter.

I’ll leave you with a couple of apropos tunes. This first from J.C Burris, nephew of the great Sonny Terry and himself no slouch on the Mississippi Saxophone. This is his Airplane Blues.

And of course, the utterly unique Jesse Fuller with his Francisco Bay Blues.

Adios! See you on the other side.