Amazing Slow Downer: PSA

Bit of a dull post this one but I wanted to pass on the information.

If you’ve taken lessons from me you’ll have seen me using a bit of software called The Amazing Slow Downer from Roni Music. It’s a fantastic learning tool. It can slow down music tracks without changing the pitch, it can change the pitch for you if you want, it can loop sections of a song so you can play along until you’ve got it, you can save out the processed audio and it does more besides.

There are other programs which can do this – and more – but I’ve been very satisfied with the simplicity and ease of use of The ‘Slow Downer. I recommend it to everyone.

If you use ASD on Mac OS X 10 or higher (as I do) you’ll want to upgrade to the 64 bit version to ensure it continues to work on future versions of the OS. Luckily it’s very easy. Just download the disk image from Roni Music, trash the old version and put the new one in your Applications folder.

Viola. You’re future proofed (for now) and you won’t get a nasty surprise next time the OS updates.