Expectation Management!

“Man, this is harder than I thought,” is the inevitable reaction from new players after a few weeks. Yup, I nod. But it’s cool, and look what you’ve already achieved.

Harmonica is challenging. All musical instruments are. And intrinsically understanding and feeling the music in your bones then channeling it through your instrument is more challenging still.

It’s trite but true: It’s not the destination, it’s the journey.

You’ll never be the player you want to be. You’ll never know it all. But every time you pick up your harp you are developing, learning, living in a moment when you are making something from nothing.

And no matter how far on the journey you are, you’re making music. To my mind that’s a pretty awesome thing to be doing.

I’ve watched this video dozens of times over the years and it always entertains and inspires.