Riffstation Going Free

I’ve not come across this software before but it’s very interesting and can do a number of useful things for someone learning harmonica.

Like the Amazing Slow Downer, which I use extensively, it allows you to slow down audio files, and also to change the pitch.

Slowing down songs is essential for close listening and as an aid while you’re learning licks, while being able to change the key of a backing track can be handy if you want to try playing along on a different harmonica.

What it can do that Amazing Slow Downer can’t is work out what chords are being played. Very handy for people playing more than just straight blues.

Also, you can theoretically isolate certain instruments, or vocals, in a song and either mute it or everything else out. I say theoretically because I’ve been playing with it for half and hour with very little success. However this feature could be used to make your own backing track out of an existing recording. Very cool!

Even better, while Fender seem to be wrapping up the web and mobile versions they are giving the desktop version away free. You can download it from here and I’d encourage you to give it a go.

Also, if you’re smart enough to suss out the isolate feature let me know!