The Small Change Diaries and Phil Doleman

I had the massive pleasure of supporting The Small Change Diaries at the launch of their new album a couple of weeks ago. I did a harmonica solo for the album and have sat in with them a few times. At this gig I was also invited to sit in with multi-instrumentalist Phil Doleman on a Bo Carter tune I forget the name of. I was hugely impressed by Phil’s version of Blind Blake’s Police Dog Blues on the ukulele. The man knows his stuff and has serious chops.

You can get The Small Change Diaries new album Lullabies for Cynics from their website or from the usual digital sources including Spotify. I play on the track Slow News Day.

Sleepy Kev Bishop and Phil Doleman playing on stage.
Phil Doleman and I playing at The Small Change Diaries album launch.
Photo by Karen Turner.